What is SPARE FUEL®?

SPARE FUEL is the world’s first patented non-flammable gasoline
derivative.  Although, it works like gasoline, it is not
gasoline.  It contains no volatile butanes, pentane, hexanes or
heptanes, and is therefore safe to store in the trunk of your vehicle
and used as fuel additive in an emergency “out of gas” situation.


Can Spare Fuel be bought in stores?®?


SPARE FUEL can currently only be bought online through this website.

How does SPARE FUEL® work?

Even when your vehicle is “out of gas”, some residual gasoline remains
in the fuel line and at the bottom of your gas tank.  SPARE FUEL
pushes this residual conventional gasoline into your vehicle’s
engine.  The residual gasoline can then start your engine and SPARE
FUEL keeps the vehicle running.

Why is SPARE FUEL® safe to carry in my car?

SPARE FUEL is safe to carry in your car because it DOES NOT contain any
butane or any other highly flammable components.  In fact, if
poured over a burning match, it will extinguish the flame.

Is SPARE FUEL® significantly safer than gasoline?

Yes!  It has a minimum flash point (the minimum temperature at
which a liquid will catch fire if exposed to a spark or flame) of at
least 105°F, whereas, conventional gasoline has a flash point of –50°F
to –40°F.  SPARE FUEL has been rated by the National Fire
Prevention Agency (NFPA) and a Department of Transportation (DOT) as
“Combustible” as opposed to gasoline which retains the significantly
more hazardous rating of “Flammable”.

work in vehicles other than cars?

YES! SPARE FUEL can be used in any gasoline powered engines (NOT
DIESEL), including boat, jet ski, motorcycle, snowmobiles and other
recreational vehicle engines.

Is it safe to store SPARE FUEL® in my trunk on the hottest
summer day?

SPARE FUEL develops less pressure than a container of orange juice when
exposed to high temperatures.  The vapors are not explosive.
The only way it would catch fire, would be when raised to a temperature
above its flash point and if the fuel were exposed to a spark or a
flame.  However, SPARE FUEL is packaged in a bottle where the mouth
of the container is heat sealed with foil seal, protected by a child
safety cap.  That makes it difficult for a spark or flame to get
near the liquid.  This product is not flammable.

harm my engine, oxygen sensors, or catalytic converter?

There is nothing in SPARE FUEL that is not already in ordinary
gasoline!  It is the volatile butanes, pentanes, hexanes and
heptanes, as well as gum forming agents (olefins) that exist in gasoline
that could be harmful to an engine, however these compounds do not
exist in SPARE FUEL.  SPARE FUEL is lead free and has a premium
octane rating of at least 91+.

What mileage do you receive per gallon of SPARE FUEL®?

One gallon of SPARE FUEL provides your vehicle with the same mileage as a
gallon of gasoline.  The average automobile will travel a distance
of 8 to 35 miles per gallon, depending on the vehicle, weather, and
terrain.  SPARE FUEL will provide the same MPG as gasoline.

Can I use SPARE FUEL® even after it has been in my trunk for a
long period of time?

Yes! SPARE FUEL has an unlimited shelf life.  Unlike gasoline,
SPARE FUEL contains NO olefins, which cause gums to develop during
storage.  These gums potentially clog fuel injectors and other
engine parts.  SPARE FUEL is stable for long term storage.



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