Why Spare Fuel is Changing the Landscape to Emergency Roadside Assistance

Have you ever had to call AAA or a tow truck to pull you shamefully away to the nearest gas station or auto shop? If so, it’s likely that you paid a pretty penny for that and still do annually.

What if there was something available that you could store in your car that could avoid the whole situation altogether? What if it was affordable for you and your entire family? What is that product could bring you peace of mind to not only you, but the ones you loved?

Now there is. Spare Fuel is the only patented product on the market today that solves an out of gas problem quickly and safely getting you back on the road in literally one minute!

Avoid your next two hour wait for your emergency assistance program; assuming you do have a program like AAA. CEO of Spare Fuel, Rick Jones says “If you have a spare tire, why wouldn’t you have Spare Fuel?”

It’s so simple. This container is an alternative fuel source that is safe to store in your car in all conditions, but when applied to your gas tank, it combusts with your last drops of regular gas in your car to get you going another 15 to 30 miles to the nearest gas station to fill up.

As of July 15th, Spare Fuel has been running a limited time special offer to new customers. Sales as high as 30% off. They claim to give even larger discounts to larger numbers. To do so, contact them by email or phone.

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