What to Do when Your Car Runs Out of Gas

ID-100212108This was on Yahoo Answers and is basically a common sense approach to the title of this post. Running out of gas could never happen to you, right? Wrong. Survey all those that have in the past and most will tell you they didn’t plan on running out of gas. They had an accurate gas tank meter and they knew they could get to the gas station once their low fuel light came on. Yes, they will tell you that but they also ran out of gas. Just in case something like this could happen to you, a family member or friend, here is what you do:

Of course the first thing we are going to tell you is to purchase Spare Fuel and store it in your trunk. It is non-flammable and will get you to that gas station if the unthinkable (running out of gas) happens to you.

If you don’t have Spare Fuel, the first thing you do is get your care to safety on the side of the road. If you didn’t roll to a safe place, get out and push. Put your hazard lights on, turn the key to powerize the power steering and power brakes and with your left arm on the doorframe, push with force to propel your car forward. Keep your other hand on the steering wheel in order to guide your car as it rolls. Leave the hazard lights on. This will indicate that you plan to return to your vehicle.

Next, call someone. In today’s times most have cell phones while traveling. Call AAA, a gas station, a friend or family member. Some car dealers offer roadside protection as do some insurance companies. Call someone. Ask them to bring you gas.

What if you have a cell phone but you are out of charge? Face the facts, you have to start walking. Flag down passing drivers or walk towards the light (if at night). You may even have to guess where the nearest gas station is. Usually on a highway you will know where the nearest exit is or can spot the towering gas station signs in the air.

If you still cant find a gas station but you find a business, neighbor or someone, ask to use their phone to call a friend or gas station or even a taxi to take you there.

Once at the gas station, purchase or borrow a gas can. Fill it up (assuming its small and easy to carry back to your car).  Don’t fill a 5 gallon can and lug it back to your car.

Walk back. Once back, fill the car. If you need a funnel, make one out of newspaper or a paper plate (think of this while at the gas station so you are prepared).

Drive back to the gas station to return the can, fill your car up the rest of the way, drive home and purchase Spare Fuel in case the thing you said would never happen to you, happens again.

I know this is all common sense but its some of these small points that will ease your stress during an unplanned situation.



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