What happened to pennzoil rescue emergency fuel?

You may have searched for Pennzoil Rescue Emergency Fuel and stumbled across this post.

The reason you can’t find this product anymore is because it no longer exists.

In fact, there is only one product on the market today that is safe and can be stored in your car. That’s Spare Fuel.

Pennzoil Rescue Emergency Fuel went out of production in 2000 as well as a product called Spare Tank.

Both were very similar and used by many. Out of that, emerged Spare Fuel. The only product available in 2010 that offers drivers peace of mind and their entire family’s assurance that they will be protected in case of an out of gas situation.

We know that we don’t intend to ever run out of gas, but the fact is that it happens often to many people and many times you could run out of gas late at night or in bad weather conditions with no heat or air in your car because your tank is empty!

Be prepared. Use Spare Fuel for yourself and your family.

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