Voids In Car Safety

Latest researches show that around 30,000 people get killed in the road accidents. This number has increased recently to 20% of its normal value in the last year. This can give a general idea to the people that car accidents kill approximately ninety people on a daily basis. This may be a shocking figure but this defines the ultimate paradox of lazy public mentality and inappropriate traffic systems. This can deliberately give people a reason to go for the safe designs of cars rather than speed. Though, modern technicians are coming up with innovative ideas which can reduce the risks related to the car accidents but still they are not up to the mark.

Ironical history of the car safety systems was decorated by some intellectual control systems and alarm systems. These apparatus could not prove more beneficial for reducing the risks involved with the car driving. There is another system for reducing the chances of head-on collisions with the help of band communication systems. This band communication frequency is set on 5.8-GHz which can give an indication to the driver if there are any chances of head-to-head collisions. This is beneficial for the drivers who drive at night and suffering with the problem of visibility. However, this system is mechanically unable to stop the vehicle from the accident. There should be an automatic car safety combination of this frequency communication system and mechanical stopping of the car.

There is one more problem of synchronization between the communication media of cars. There may be a variation in the system and it can generate some technical problems which lead to the wrong working of the technique. This is one of the biggest voids in the car safety measurements which can lead to the increase in possible dangers of accident. There is one more attempt for reducing the severity of the accidents which has reduced the chances of mishap by five percent. This attempt was generated by using computer and radar communication method. This system is beneficial for the avoidance of hatch backing accidents which are not prone to death.

Another reason for car accidents is generated when a car tries to overtake another car. In this case, the frequency communication system will fail again due to the mismatch of frequencies. There will be an addition of both the frequencies of front car as well as rear car which will double up the overall frequency and the result will be a perfect mismatch followed by head-on collision of three cars. All these factors aid to the voids in the car safety techniques. Technicians should fill up these voids with effective remediation measures.

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