Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns

Teenage Driver SeriesNo one wakes up in the morning and plans for a car breakdown. They happen; they happen unexpectedly and can happen at the worst possible times. While this is a fact of driving, being prepared can give you and your family peace of mind. This is especially true when it comes to teen driver safety and preparation and the same for senior drivers. Precaution goes a long way.

Most drivers do not have experience or the preparation to handle roadside breakdowns. This includes physical abilities as well as precautionary measures. Breaking down is a major inconvenience. Breaking down might cause you to be late for work. Teen drivers or senior drivers may be alone. When a breakdown occurs you need help.

Below are the top reasons our cars breakdown with one valuable precaution you can take right now.

Running Out of Fuel

Fuel – Every year hundreds of thousands of people run out of fuel at the side of the road. It’s not always a matter of just watching your gas gauge. Many fuel gauges have been found to give false low level readings or may not be in working order at all. When the price of gas is high, many play a game of “how far can I get on gas fumes,” or a gamble of getting to the next gas station. There are precautions for all of these. You might have heard of SpareFuel that takes care of these fears and concerns. If you haven’t, click here Let this simple bit of precaution prevent the roadside breakdown of running out of gas. Don’t be a statistic. It can happen to anyone; right when you don’t expect it.

Other Causes of Roadside Breakdowns:

Dead or Low Battery

Flat Tire or Tire Blowout

Keys Locked in Vehicle or Lost

Electrical Fault (including EMS Engine Management System)

Transmission (including Clutch)

Engine Overheating

Engine Lubrication Failures

Vehicle Accidents




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