The new innovative plastic gas can… Spare Fuel!


Plastic gas cans for the most part haven’t changed since their inception. You pour the gas into the can and carry it around. Pretty simple stuff right?

Do you transport them in your car, boat, or RV’s? Have you ever ran out of fuel while driving and you were able to use your plastic gas can to get yourself going again?

Comes in handy right??

But… did you know the potential danger of storing gas in a plastic gas can?

The main reason is because it’s flammable!

That’s why our new product, Spare Fuel, was created in part.

Our product is a half gallon container that is not flammable and will store in your car for up to 10 years without becoming expired.

It’s completely safe to store in your car even in the most adverse conditions.

Why choose Spare Fuel over a traditional plastic gas can?

  • Safety
  • Peace of Mind
  • Stores much longer
  • Non – flammable
  • Comes in a sealed container along with a patent pending nozzle

Check out more about us on our home page or visit the buy now page to purchase.

Gas storage has never been so safe!

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