Teen Driving Safety Outside The Car

ID-100183947Google “teens running out of gas,” and you read about accidents, fatalities and other disturbing news. Today, teens take drivers ed and related training, learn the rules of the road, and learn how to operate a motor vehicle. What they do not learn as much are safety and precautionary measures other than operational safety. Now back to that Google search.

Just take a look at the glaring headlines in the search results:

A Long Island college student was struck and killed while walking back to his car after running out of gas

 Teen hit while running across Fort Worth freeway. Police believe the teens‘ car either ran out of gas or broke down.

 B.C. Teens Survive Vancouver Island Ordeal After Running Out Of Gas On Remote Logging Road.

 Two young teens, suspected of running away together have been found alive … ” They had run out of gas and the car’s battery was dead.

Sorry for the gruesome news but the point here is that there is no good news associated with running out of gas. What if, in each of these cases, there was a precautionary measure, a plan, or a solution in place? Lives could potentially have been saved, injuries could have been prevented and bad news could have been avoided.

Introducing SpareFuel.

SPARE FUEL is the world’s first patented non-flammable gasoline derivative.  Although, it works like gasoline, it is not
actually gasoline.  It contains no volatile butanes, pentane, hexanes or
heptanes, and is therefore safe to store in the trunk of your car
and be used as fuel additive in an emergency “out of gas” situation.

One gallon of SPARE FUEL provides your vehicle with the same mileage as a
gallon of gasoline.  The average automobile will travel a distance
of 8 to 35 miles per gallon, depending on the vehicle, weather, and

Having this available, safely stored in the trunk of any of the vehicles mentioned in the Google headlines would have been the solution; the prevention; the safety precaution needed to avert a negative situation.

Teaching today’s driving teens about, out of the vehicle safety, is just as important as operating the wheel. Teaching driving teen’s what safety measures to take could solve many potential problems. Having spare fuel works, is safe and is the answer to continuing teen driving safety, especially outside of the vehicle safety.

Click here http://bit.ly/1qMryGs to learn more about SpareFuel. Let this simple bit of precaution prevent the roadside breakdown of running out of gas. Don’t be a statistic. It can happen to anyone; right when you don’t expect it.

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