Spare Fuel hits TV Yet Again!


I just received confirmation from the MOTORWEEK production team that SPARE FUEL will appear in the “Goss’s Garage” segment this coming January. Pat Goss is a fan of the product and will discuss Spare Fuel for roughly 45-60 seconds, sharing it’s attributes, qualities, and benefits all while showing a bottle on the screen. Contact info for purchasing will also be shared.

This could not come at a better time. In addition to the 1 million or more regular viewers watching MOTORWEEK on PBS nationally, MOTORWEEK just inked a partnership with Discovery’s VELOCITY HD network a few months ago, which means the addition of another 45 million potential viewers. Since then, MOTORWEEK has become the UNOFFICIAL #1 rated show on VELOCITY! No hard and fast numbers have been determined yet, but that is the word from Discovery.


On it’s own, PBS reaches more than 85% of all U.S. households and MW is on 94% of all PBS stations (240). No other automotive TV show has the reach they do since no other automotive show is on national broadcast. Period.

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