Simple Teen Driving Preparedness

ID-10039257Parents will be parents when it comes to their children driving. Parents encourage following the rules and safety while teens navigate with 3000 pounds of roaring steel at their control. Parents will always say don’t text and drive, obey the speed limit, watch out for other crazy drivers and just use common sense. To borrow the tried and true motto of the Boy Scouts, parents encourage new teen drivers to Be Prepared. That means defensive driving, locking the doors and keeping the gas tank full or above the proverbial fume level. Running out of gas can happen to anyone but those most prepared are never late, get home safely and continue the good driving habits taught by parents.
Let’s look at some safe Teen Driving Tips and preparation:

  • Wear seatbelts (of course this is law)
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Be defensive and watch out for others driving
  • Put in SpareFuel into the trunk (a safely stored, non-flammable, fuel alternative when running out of gas).
  • Keep night driving to a minimum at the beginning.
  • Keep teenage passengers to a minimum.
  • Only use cell phones in a hands free manner
  • Make sure the car is safe and free of breakdown causes
  • Ride along sometimes just to make sure safe driving habits are ongoing
  • Use common sense with a sense of responsibility. The reminders of this do help.

These messages are brought to you by SpareFuel – the ONLY product available that is safe to store in your vehicle for an emergency fuel source and perfect for teen and senior driving preparedness.

Running out of gas is never on your to-do list: With SpareFuel, you’ll be ready –

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