Safer Journeys – It’s Up to You

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.58.37 AMDo you have a journey by car coming up soon? Maybe a family vacation, a visit to a relative or just a joy ride to take advantage of the nice days ahead? If you do, you want it to be fun, uneventful and most of all, safe.

The key here is to have an “uneventful,” journey. As much as you plan, something happens. How you respond when something goes wrong is very important so as to prevent bad consequences.

Your car could breakdown, you might get lost or even worse, you could run out of gas. There are ways to prepare for all of these; all of these so you have a safe journey; it’s up to you and usually up to you before you even start.

There are many reasons for your breakdown. Carrying a basic tool kit, emergency flares and of course a cell phone charger are things to do at a minimum for this potential situation.

With today’s technology, gps systems, smart phone apps, mapquest and the old fashioned paper map, you can prepare for finding the right way and not getting lost.

Running out of gas is a tough one to prepare for…until now. First check your gas gauge to make sure it is accurate; many aren’t, surprisingly. Second, think about filling up before you get below a quarter of a tank. Most of all, there is now an ingredient that will get you to the next gas station even when you run out of gas. SpareFuel is non-flammable, easy and safely stored in the trunk of your car and something that will “fuel” your car to the next gas station. This bit of preparation could be the difference between a safe journey or a journey full of frustration.

There are so many good things related to SpareFuel, Ill leave it to the website to state them, (

For now, don’t be stranded, ( have a safe journey, prepare well and have fun on your journey.

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