Running Out of Gas Costs You More Than You Think

We were thinking about why people run out of gas? Do people think their gas gauge is 100% accurate and it’s not? Do people think that empty doesn’t mean empty? Do people really want to stretch every dollar out of every drop?ID-100239421

We searched around and found some interesting facts. Most of these came directly from MSN Money.

When gas prices rise there are more and more stories about people running out of gas. People try to stretch that dollar by fueling up less frequently. That doesn’t make sense but either does a lot of driving mistakes and hazards.

Here is what really happens when you run out of gas:

  1. You will be late. That’s obvious. You can call someone, walk to the gas station or call AAA but you know how long that can take. Time is money. Being late is not cool and running out of gas is one more hassle you don’t need in your life.
  2. It is totally unsafe. Running out of gas means no more power steering, no more power brakes so rolling your car or finding a stopping point on the side of the road becomes dangerous.
  3. It could cost you even more money. Some municipalities will ticket cars on the side of the road. They do this for safety reasons. Prevention is the solution here. Wouldn’t you rather spend fine money on gas vs. a ticket?

It is understood why people want to stretch their gas tank level but that’s not a good solution, not smart, not cost effective and not cool. Prevention and care is the solution. Preparedness goes a long way. Storing an extra gallon of gas in your car is not the solution. That is unsafe and very dangerous. Storing a fuel alternative that is not flammable like SpareFuel is safe and is a perfect solution.

We could go on and on and on with this article but we would rather you go on and on and on in your journey in your car. Check out SpareFuel.



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