Ran out of gas?

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road at a more than less convenient time?

Even though most of us would not like to admit it, we may have ended up on the side of the road waiting for AAA or you were forced to walk to the nearest gas station.

Not only can it be embarrassing, it can ruin your whole day. Also, being out on the road leaves you as a target for traffic making it a very dangerous situation.

Our creation of the Spare Fuel product was not only to save time and money for motorists, but to save lives.

Don’t put yourself at risk on the roads, have a bottle of our emergency fuel ready in your vehicles at all times.

We have heard countless stories on how Spare Fuel helped save people from being late on the job or missing an important meeting or flight.

Now, we want to hear your story too!

Leave your story below. Even though you may not want to admit it, you probably have ran out of gas at one time or another. Guess what, you are not alone!

Studies show that the second most common roadside assistance issue is when a vehicle has ran out of gas! So, it could be very likely that you or someone you know ran out of gas at some time.

Feel free to leave comments below. I would love to hear your feedback.

Don’t put your family or yourself at risk when there is a solution for this problem with Spare Fuel. It makes a great present as well for your kids and grand-kids!

Spare Fuel comes in easy to use bottles that can fit in the trunk of your car along with your spare tire.

It’s completely safe to store and it not flammable even under the most extreme conditions.

Make sure you are safe on the roads this year and have some piece of mind with our product.

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