GPS, The Most advanced car safety technique

Car accidents represent one of the foremost reasons for accidental injuries in the world. All the latest automobile technicians and designers are trying to build a car design which commemorates all the safety measures related to the car. Of course, there is specific reduction in certain technical aggravations which lead to the life-threatening car accidents. World is more inclined towards comfort than safety. Designers should come up with a design which should be adaptive to both driver as well as vehicle features. One of the most advanced car safety techniques is GPS. GPS can be expanded as global positioning system. This system is the latest weapon used by police services for detecting the presence of street racers without any delay or uncertainty.

GPS processes have four input stages. First two stages refer to the velocities of vehicles to be detected. These velocities are put on view on the display screen of the microcontroller. The velocities of the cars are differentiated on the basis of axes of direction namely X-axis and Y-axis. Variable resistor leads to the acceleration of car in X-axis and same device with similar technology is replicated for finding out the acceleration in Y-axis. This information is displayed on the screen of the microcontroller by using ADC. ADC refers to analog of digital converter which is required as microcontroller understands and displays the information in digital format.

Other two modes of input are required to explain the threshold value of a car’s highest speed. There is an attachment of shaft encoder which is required for carrying out the pre-processing of the system components. This factor can vary depending upon the specific location of the car. It is very easy to detect the current location of the car with the effective measurement of variations in GPS coordinates, acceleration and role angle. All these input modes are mandatory to enhance the strict car safety measures to restrict dangerous driving styles such as over-speeding and rash driving.

After duly calculating the maximum permissible speed and threshold value of maximum speed control, the traffic authority of the particular station can activate the traffic network. Now, all the new coordinates of approaching cars will be matched up with the standard coordinates. Traffic authorities should provide safety boards for making people aware of the dangerous site locations. Car safety is one of the most fundamental characteristics related to the procurement of a car. People remember all other factors but forget about the safety measurements. Though, traffic authorities are running behind the car safety procedures but general public should also understand their responsibilities.

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