Gas, Fuel Gauge not working?

fuel gauge

Is your gas or fuel gauge not working?

For many classic or older cars, this may be the case. Perhaps your RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle has a broken gauge as well.

Is there a solution to this problem?

How can you know if you are going to end up running out of gas?

Now with Spare Fuel, this is a solution.

Never worry again about running out of gas even if your gas gauge is broken.

Give yourself the peace of mind that Spare Fuel gives.

Simply have a bottle of our product with your vehicle at all times, and in case you do run out of gas, you are now prepared to fill up your tank and get going in just seconds.

It’s not only 100% safe, it’s very affordable.

You can store it even at high temperatures and it will be not be flammable. It’s the only emergency fuel of its kind and this is the only place you can currently get it!

Check out more about us on our home page or visit the buy now page to purchase.

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