Don’t Get Stranded Alone – Emergency Preparedness for Your Car

Taking a long road trip by yourself is not as dangerous as it may at first sound. All you really need to do is organize yourself and be prepared before you set off on your journey. Even if you plan to drive across the entire country on your own, you can minimize your risk by taking a few precautions before you hit the open road. Ignore the warnings from your mother, you will enjoy your trip and be safe if you plan ahead.

Emergency Items to Take With You

You should pack your car with a few important items before you leave. Spare Fuel will give you the equivalent of an extra gallon of gasoline if you should ever run low. Other things you need to carry include a first aid kit, a blanket, sturdy gloves, jumper cables, an ice scraper, some boots, a good spare tire, and all of the tools you would need to change the spare on your own. It is also a good idea to buy a membership at AAA.

How to Keep Family and Friends in the Loop

When you leave for your trip, make sure you tell your friends and family what your expected itinerary is. Choose one person to be your regular contact for the entire trip, and make sure you check in with this contact daily. It is a good idea to invest in a car charger for your cell phone and make sure the phone is fully charged at all times. Make sure that everyone who cares about you knows whom your daily contact person is. Give them a way to contact that person while you are on your trip.

Have your car Serviced before a Trip

Just before you leave, make sure you have your car fully serviced at a reliable auto repair shop. Have the tires inspected and get all of the fluids topped off. Ask the shop to check your battery and perform a complete oil change. You want to be confident that your car is in top condition before you head off hundreds of miles away from home. Let the mechanics know about the trip you plan to take before they inspect your car so that they pay special attention to anything that might cause a problem on your trip, such as desert heat or mountain snow.

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