Cell phone safety while driving

If you look close enough while you drive, I bet you can spot many drivers talking on their cell phones. Worse yet, many are texting while driving. This proves to be a huge distraction no matter how well of a driver you are.

Studies have shown in recent years that you are 4 times as likely to have a serious car accident if you are using your cell phone!

Dialing and texting on your phone requires you to take your eyes off the road. It only takes a second or two for someone to pull out in front of you or the person in front to slam on their brakes.

Therefore, it is vital to teach young drivers the importance of cell phone safety while driving.

Again and again, we hear horror stories about bad accidents related to cell phone use. Older people aren’t immune to this either. Even if we use a headset, studies show that there is no added safety. The fact is, your conversation can distract you from concentrating on the road and still lead to an accident regardless of you using a hands free set or not.

In review, be a responsible driver and use your cell phone only if you have to. Keep your conversations to the point and don’t ever text while driving.

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