Car Safety facts you need to know

Nowadays, Car safety has become tremendously important. By taking proper safety of a car, one can avoid at least some of the accidents which usually occur due to car accidents. Some of the items related to the safety of car are mirrors, lights, seatbelts, bumper, airbags, ABS, four wheel drive and steering etc.

  • Lights: Turn signals break lights and headlights are some of the safety features of a car. Just make sure to use them and also the bulbs should have to be in proper condition means that none of them gets burn out.
  • Seatbelts: This helps in protecting one from being throwing in the forward direction and even avoids one to get ejected from the vehicle.
  • Mirrors: Make sure to align rear view and side mirrors properly. This helps in eliminating the blind spots. Just make sure to verify them while changing the lane or reversing a car.
  • Airbags: It is one of the important items of car safety. Nowadays there are side airbags along with the front airbags. These airbags defend people head’s at the occasion of collision. They can be unsafe for children, so always ensure to read owners manual, prior to placing the children on front seats.
  • Bumpers: They are created so as to withstand the small collisions without harming the main body of ones vehicle.
  • ABS (anti lock braking system): These brakes can reduce braking time by avoiding locking of brakes.
  • Four wheel steering: This provides a driver, more accurate and faster maneuvering ability on lofty speeds.
  • Four wheel drive: The spin of the wheel is less likely if the power gets circulated to all the four wheels.

There are very few features related to the safety of car which are added to a car these days. There are also some least common car safety forms which are DSR (dynamic steering response), LDWS (lane departure warning system), TCS (traction control), ECS (electronic stability control) and various other safe and interesting technologies.

With the advancement in safety related to cars, the modern vehicles are becoming increasingly safe. They are safe only if there is a safe driver behind the wheel. This safety starts with a driver and should keep in mind the various tips related to the safety of a car. One should be totally sober, always wear seatbelts, speed limit is must to follow, maintenance should have to done regularly of a vehicle, do not drive when one is sleepy etc. Car safety is vital, make sure to maintain the safety of a car which can help in avoiding various accidents.

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