Car Safety – The pre-requisite before one sets on a drive!

Car safety is a must have feature in the vehicle when an individual thinks over to own a vehicle or a car. The problems associated with car safety are numerous, and to prevent these problematic issues many acts and laws have been passed.

The presently running acts are National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. If the car manufacturer does not follow car safety aspects then his license to manufacture or building up of the car is being rejected. In the car building technology if much stress is not laid on the safety then there can be loss of lives too.
The cars in today’s era are built up with the safety precautions. These car safety features on their level best do not let the individual get hurt or injured badly. The times when the car safety was just restricted to the driving entity have gone with the wind. Now, the manufacturer and the company manufacturing takes the responsibility of the person who drives it. There are several features in built in the car itself to provide all the desired comfort to the individual driving it.

Several features of the car safety in built and enabled by the car manufacturers are:

Auto pilot systems

Four way seat belts: Two seat belts for the rear seats and two for the back seats.

Air bags: The cars have been provided with the air bags in case of some serious collisions or accidents.

Four wheel steering: This feature enables the diver to drive faster and the power is equally distributed in all the four wheels.

Four wheel drive: The problem of the wheel spin is being eliminated.

Even the individual who is driving the car needs to follow some rules and regulations before getting set on the drive. The points that a driver must keep in mind are:

1.Keeping a firm eye on the road.

2.Not to eat or drink while driving.

3.Not to attend calls while driving.

4.Following the specified speed limits.

5.Slow driving in adverse weather conditions.

6.Staying defensive while driving.

7.Over speeding is a big No while driving.

8.Overtaking should be ethical.

9.Wearing the seatbelt throughout the journey is mandatory.

10.Alignment of the car wheels should be proper.

Car safety is thus the most important feature to set before on a drive in today’s times. A well maintained vehicle with a responsible driving individual makes the journey enjoyable, safer and hassle free. Hence, the above said points should always be kept in mind.

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