Car Safety – minimizing accidents!

Car safety is the feature that stresses over dual aspect of safety. The dual aspect of safety means, safety of the individual who is driving along with the safety of the vehicle. In the process of car safety; construction as well as the methodologies to reduce the accidents and negative consequences is being studied. These studies are being taken under the fine lens to check that there is no loss of lives by maintaining safety feature for vehicle as well. Improvisations in automobile designing and road constructions have reduced the danger of loss of life. This reduction in accidents is due to car safety features. The main causes of accidents in today’s times are hurried driving, unethical overtaking, drinking while driving and no attention on road while driving, not following the rules and exceeding the optimum speed limits. There are major accidents everywhere which have been covered under the category of occupational accidents. These occupational accidents occur on a large scale and lead to the human asset loss for the country.

There are two sub categories under which car safety has been divided:

  • Active car safety: Active car safety is the safety phenomenon in which stress is laid on the avoidance of accident.
  • Passive Car Safety: Passive car safety is the safety phenomenon in which stress is laid on the machinery and other important parts of the automobile like airbags, seatbelts and outer appearance of vehicle.

To avoid crash situation the features that are incorporated inside the cars or automobiles are:

  • Headlights, Rear lights, Blinkers
  • Rear view and side view mirrors
  • Steering and other systems which help in controlling the vehicle
  • Automated brakes to avoid high risks of accidents
  • High beaming feature to see till far off distances on highways or expressways
  • Deflation recognition systems
  • Electronic stability control

There are several crashworthy systems which have been introduced in the cars to improvise safety features and assist the driver. Those systems are:

  • Seatbelts
  • Crumple zones
  • Air inflations: Helps in saving the life when there is a sudden jerk
  • Laminated wind screen: It is being built up to avoid crashing of the wind screen glass on the face and in the eyes of the individual driving.

Henceforth, car safety is the most important feature one must look for before buying a vehicle and stepping up on the road.

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