Car Preparedness And Safety

ID-10077125No one wants to breakdown when traveling by car but it happens. It happens when you least expect it. You don’t plan for it but you can take precautions in case you do breakdown. Breakdowns can be short, quick and easily resolved or they can last longer. Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety and prevent injury, during a breakdown. You can significantly reduce the impact of the unexpected with some very basic planning. Regardless of the length of time you are stranded or in need of help the following is a list of recommended items to put into your auto emergency preparedness kit:

  • —SpareFuelthe ONLY product available that is safe to store in your vehicle for an emergency fuel source.
  • —  Water
  • —  Food, snacks, energy bars, non-perishable food
  • —  Flashlight/Batteries
  • —  First aid kit
  • —  Hand sanitizer, soap, wipes
  • —  Map
  • —  Cell Phone charger
  • —  Flares/Lightsticks
  • —  Candle
  • —  Blanket
  • —  Sweatshirt/Jacket
  • —  Jumper Cables
  • —  Fire Extinguisher
  • —  Paper and pencil
  • —  Books / Reading Material / Puzzle books

Many safety advisors talk about preparedness during the winter months but breakdowns can happen at anytime, especially running out of gas. This list seems like a lot but an ounce of prevention is so worth it for your own safety and those of others.

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