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Did you know that storing gas in your car is potentially deadly even in the smallest of traffic accidents or extreme heat? has this to say.

“For many, carrying extra gas in a car can seem like a wise safety precaution; you never have to worry about running out of fuel if you carry extra with you. However, carrying gasoline in a car can be potentially dangerous. According to the National Ag Safety Database, one cup of gasoline can produce enough explosive vapors to match the power of five pounds of dynamite. If gasoline is stored or transported improperly, it can result in extreme injuries; if you cannot follow all safety precautions established by the National Ag Safety Database, you should not carry gas in your car.”

Are you storing gas in your car?

If so, I recommend you take it out immediately. Not only is it unsafe, it’s also illegal in many areas.

What’s the alternative?

Spare Fuel provides the answer. We created this product to help people stay safe on the roads. Storing gas in your car is just not a good idea. Storing Spare Fuel in your car is completely safe and won’t explode even in the harshest of conditions.

Have piece of mind and carry Spare Fuel.

How do you use Spare Fuel?

This product can be used on all gas powered, non-diesel vehicles.

The product is used best when you have just ran out of gas. Pour the full contents of the bottle into your fuel tank just like at the pump and start up your car!

You will get the same fuel mileage as regular fuel.

Then, you will be able to drive to the nearest gas station and fill up.

Next time you run out of gas, be prepared! Don’t get stranded on the side of the road.

Remember, if you have a spare tire, you should have Spare Fuel!

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